domenica 10 febbraio 2013

Audio Dissection new t-shirts and hoodies!!

To celebrate upcoming label releases i am taking preorders for some official Killer Bug and Encephalophonic t-shirts and hoodies. To avoid issues (like happened in the past) regarding sizes availability and actual demand, i think it's better to know exactly how many of each size to print before. Very limited quantities will be available, ca. 25 pieces for each design. Here wego:

Killer Bug - Your Wife Is Mine (T-Shirt)

Killer Bug - Steaming Gash (T-Shirt)
Killer Bug - Steaming Gash (Zip Through Hood)

Killer Bug - Your Wife Is Mine (Zip Through Hood)

Encephalophonic - 終身性的虐待 (T-Shirt)

Encephalophonic - Vomit Girl (Zip Through Hood)

T-Shirts will be printed on black, white and light graphite colors on Premium quality Fruit Of The Loom t-shirts. Price 15,00 euros + shipping. Specify color and size when you place order please.

Zip Hoodies will be available only on black color. Price 35,00 euros + shipping.

contact: audiodissection @ yahoo. it



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  1. Greetings author, it is apparent that you know your subject matter and you are passionate about this topic.I realy concur with your usages and will eagerly look forward to your future updates.

  2. i like t-shirts and hoodies almost live your black ones